Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The woods have eyes

My Dad called me on the way home last night, the family that bought his house, have now sold their house, and its moving time again! Yeah, moving time into a house that my Dad hasn't bought yet!

I've been trying to get my Dad to move closer to me for about 10 years. There are no services in central Missouri, and there is just plain no way to get out there thats easy. Health care is hours away, and pretty much all of his friends have either died, or are in such bad health that they cant do anything. So after my Mom died this spring, he finally agreed that it was time.

He sold his house in record time to a neighbor that had coveted it for years. The only hold up was that the guy had to sell his house, which in this market was tough. Well, its sold. Now my poor Dad, who has hemmed and hawed about buying a house has to do something, NOW!

So he called me last night, and wanted me to look at a nice rancher not far from my house. Being a double duty kind of girl I decided to get on Dottie, and ride over before it got dark. House hunting, riding, it works. On the way, I could hear crashing in the woods and finally got to a clearing where two does and a buck just stopped and stared at me. They didn't move, I didn't move for a bit. Sometimes you just get those perfect moments on a bike where the whole world stops. Of course, then a big SUV came up behind me and I had to get out of the way.
I think this is going to be a great place for my Dad. It's on a "high-dollar" street, its managable in size, and with all the muckety mucks that live there, it will never be over developed. And, all the deer can come to his yard every day as I know he'll be feeding them.

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