Monday, October 1, 2007

Blue Skies

Friday, I drove up to Arlington to let my Dad have a chance at closure with my Mom. Mom was a Lt. in the Army Nurse Corps, and if you know a woman in the military, you can pretty much thank the Nurse Corps for being pioneers in the Armed Services who gave them that chance. After she married my Dad, she continued her service to the country by being the wife of an Army Colonel, and President of the Officer's Wives Association most bases we lived. Mom took great pride in the fact that she could pack at a moments notice, and by the evening of the day that we'd arrive on a new base could have the whole house unpacked and looking neat as a pin. She was an amazing woman.
I think my Dad was pretty shell shocked at the funeral, and as a result he didn't see anything. He really needed to go back, but his hands on the face plate and get to make his peace. Mom loved gardening, and would have loved this place. She overlooks a beautiful courtyard and fountain, which lucky for us on Friday was not turned on. It was a gorgous day, with robin's egg blue skies, a nice, crisp breeze, and I swear that you could see forever. Friday was just a good day to sit and remember the life of a really wonderful lady.
After we got our act together we made a slow progress around Arlington. Having a family member buried there does have its privilages which includes a vehicle entry pass. So we respectufully made our way up to Arlington House to pay our respects a the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and made it in time for the changing of the guard.
If you haven't been to Arlington, its a great place to go to get in touch with the sacrafices that have been made to make this the Land of the Free. It is quiet, peaceful and a perfect place to see the cost that so many people have made. For my Dad, I think the beauty of the setting, helped him to know that my Mom truley is in a better place, free of pain, and at last getting the honor that she so richly deserved. God speed Mom. We all miss you every day.

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Liz Schleeper said...

Hi Karen, very nice post. Glad you had nice weather. Your family sounds wonderful.