Saturday, August 30, 2008

Live and let Die

I believe that all little critters deserve a chance. I plant extra in the garden so that the little guys can have extra to eat. The deer ate almost all of the peaches this year, but it was dry and I bet they needed the moisture.

I dont use pesticides. Not only does that stuff kill bad bugs, but good ones, too. Plus they also poison me, and all the rest of the critters that live at Camp Runamuck.

I'm going to make an exception. Cliff and I rode early this morning so that we could get ready for the cook out we're throwing this evening. We stopped at Ukrops to get the last few things and were coming in the door when one of those MFing European Hornets got me.

No, its not like a bee sting. No, its not like getting stung by a yellow jacket or wasp. These suckers are 2-3" long, and look like a wasp on steroids. What does it feel like? I imagine like getting stabbed. I went straight down and now I can hardly move my right arm.

Two years ago I had a nest of them. They were pretty placid and were having a good time eating some kind of sap that my oak tree puts out. Then they stung my Doberman. And then they all died.

So tommorrow, the plan is to find the nest and then wait until dark. I don't want to spray where there can be innocent bystanders. But those huge suckers, they're goin' down.

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