Thursday, August 21, 2008


For Cliff's birthday I got him some little things and the big TA DA, a wine dinner at Lemaire, the 5 star restaurant in the Jefferson Hotel. I scored big time, getting us in for 1/2 price, one of my better deals of this year.

Worth it, oh yeah!

Pre-dinner reception with a lovely Sauvignon Blanc, fried oysters in grits, fresh figs, etc... yum.Then we were ushered into a single room with a long dining table. We were lucky enough to sit across from a med flight pilot and his wife, and a lovely lady who works for International Blood Services. She told us some very interesting tales of her travels and travails in Africa. Yikes.

Course after course of unbelievable food, paired with wine from Washington... all presented by the vintner. Getting to sit next to her and ask her questions all night was the best. Wine and wine making are facinating and she didn't disappoint in that regard.

Got a couple hundred laying around and want to do something really cool? I highly recommend doing one of the wine dinners at the Jefferson


hfang said...

Very nice!
My wife and I and sometimes with our children, make it a point to stay at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond. It's our favorite when we visit.
Lemaire is a wonderful treat. We always love our dinners there. The Sunday brunch is also pretty spectacular.

Hope Cliff had a Happy Birthday!
Yum! is the right title!

Jennifer said...

I heard you two were looking pretty hot...did you get any pictures? And no, I don't mean of the food. Just of you and Clif :-)