Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Personal responsibility

I got out to ride late last night as I've been trying to get a lot of work done at work. Yeah, they call it work because it isn't fun... If it was fun, they would call it fun.

I went out the backway on the rich side of Shallow Well so that I could talk to the horses and get centered again. Some days you just need to step back and do what makes you happy.

When I got on Shepherdstown the same chow/lab mix chased me that always chases me. This time, his owners were in the yard- and they didn't call off their dog. So after I yelled at him, jerked my leg away as he tried to bite me I slowed down until I wore him out.

And then I turned around and came back to talk to the owner...

I asked this 50ish lady if the dog was hers. Then I introduced myself and told her that I was really afraid that one day, when her dog went to try to bite me he was going to get squashed by a car, that it had almost happened a few times. She shrugged. Then she told me how it was cyclists fault for luring him into the road.


I asked her when she watched her dog chase me and almost bite me what I did to lure him into the road. Well, cyclists call the dog out by yelling and then pepper spray him.

So yelling "dog", and then scrambling to get out of the way is luring him out? Apparently so.

Its pretty funny when you come to think about it. So I thanked her, extended my hand which she was kind of forced to shake and then I told her that she may want to think about that. You know, neighbor to neighbor. I told her what I do for a living, and then gave her my "you are on notice speech, and how legally, if someone gets hurt because of her dog... well, it can get right expensive. You know, neighbor to neighbor.

I am always amazed that people don't do better. If you have a dog, take care of it. If something is wrong fix it. If you actually like that dog, build a fence. I find it totally strange that common sense and decency is such an out there kind of concept.


Fishwich said...

Ive had a similarly unsatisfying conversation with those same folks.
It seems a shame that someone has to get hurt first, and I dont see enough assets on their part to compensate me adequately for breaking my neck.

fabsroman said...

As you guys probably already know, it is usually the people without any assets that are the ones driving like morons and being irresponsible. Mind you, I said generally.

That is why we (i.e., my wife and I) have a lot of uninsured, underinsured motorist coverage on our vehicles, along with PIP and MedPay. That is to make sure that we are taken care of should one of these irresponsible people hurt us. I also believe that the uninsured/underinsured coverage extends to me while I am on my bike.

One of my teammates sent me a youtube link to a Judge Judy episode involving dog owners and a cyclist. You would not believe how clueless the dog owners were. Judge Judy found for the cyclist, as she should have.


You would not believe some of the conversations that I have had with my clients. People just do not understand the slightest bit about how the law works. One was being sued by a "friend" of his because he laid down his friend's $8,000 motorcycle after asking to borrow it. My client thought he wasn't responsible for totaling the motorcycle because his friend didn't have insurance on it and didn't have tags for it. I must have spent hours trying to explain the law to this guy. Luckily, I was getting paid for it.

David Rosen said...

Which road in town is this lady on? I need to beware?

David Rosen said...

Which street does this lady live on?

Karen said...

She lives on Shepherdstown Rd, in Goochland, just down from the Elementary School.

Unless you are not paying attention I don't think you'll get bit, but its a narrow road, and I've almost been hit by cars swerving to miss hitting the dog, who was trying to bite me!

Don Vito said...

C'mon Karen, just admit it. You intentionally lured that puppy off the porch and into the road. Actually if lil fido were to get squashed by an oncoming F150 while running towards you it would be your fault and would owe these fine country people a new pooch as well as damages for mental duress. Just make sure you are represented in court by Benjamin, McNelis, Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

Karen said...

Yep that was me, Karen Hanson, dog killer!

Poor Katie was riding with me over the winter when we lured two pit bulls after us, who lucky for us, got creamed as they crossed the road. All I could yell to her was "DOGS! SPRINT!" Then we heard that sickening double thud...