Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wickedly tired

Last night was a longer toodle day. As the season is winding down, I'm starting to show my age, and I am just not recovering very fast. So I'm going to take it slow this week, give myself a recharge and hope the stuff going on in my hip subsides. I went out for a longer recovery ride, with lots of hills that I planned on riding easy.

That was the plan, and I'm glad to say that except for a 200 meter chase to catch up with a gang of lycra clad, smooth legged, handsomness that I nearly succeeded. There I was, huffing up the long drag to the Rockville store, when I hear "It's Karen!" "Hey, Karen!" "Catch on, Karen" "Karen, where's the champagne!!!" Just makes a girl giddy to have all that testosterone flying by her, you know? So I latched on for a little bit until the cars behind me made me realize that I was not following the plan. So back to the small ring, to spin home for this tired puppy.

It probably won't help matters that I was up at 4:45 to make sure I could watch the men's tt on MSNBC. What a cool race! And what is up with the toll booths on the course! I think it was Contador who almost took one out! Geez, it was just a wicked ride, and I wish I could have seen the women's race as well. (They cut to beach volleyball, which I just can't understand. )

With track racing about to start, and then track and field, I think I'm in for a couple more weeks of sleep deprivation. I went to the wrong floor of my office building yesterday, and wondered why they moved the cubies around. I predict that stuff is going to get worse before it gets better....

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Jennifer said...

I've been staying up past midnight watching these events! So much for trying to get caught up on my sleep!

I did just look at the TT results on Velonews. I figured NBC wouldn't cover that much of it anyway. Plus I was hoping to get to bed early tonight. Ha! Yeah right!