Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Winning is fun

Some weekends just turn out picture perfect. Not usually, but the rarity of it makes it all the more sweeter when it happens.
Saturday was the last Go Fast Turn Left Race of the season. I won't lie, I hate going round and round a speedway, but I love racing, and these races give me a prime chance to ride for my team mates.
It took all I had three times to finally get J into a breakaway that would stick. J works for me all the time. Getting to help her every now and then makes me feel worthwhile. Sharon and I blocked while J, Pave Maria, and Emily lapped the field.

J, by the way is the chick that everyone hates to be behind. She's a total monster. Skinny as a rail, strong as an ox. You just flat can't draft off her.

In the sprint she took second to super sprinter Emily. Then came Sharon, to take the cat 4 race. Sharon has been working on sprinting drills all summer, and one up, you are not going to get her. What did Sharon say about her win? That it was all the sweeter because she had a part in getting J up the road. And special kudos to Jenn... Jenn's big goal for her first year of racing was to be able to hang with the pack for an entire race. Congrats Jenn, last race of the year, and YOU DID IT!

It wasn't just a team love fest, either. We LOVE Kevin Dillard. Somehow he always finds a way to make a stinky bunch of chicks on bikes look great. He's always around, taking pictures for free. Of course, those cool ones in this post are from Kevin. We love ya man, mean it!

Sunday it was back in the Queen Cab at 4:30 to get to the Sportsplex for the Coastal Crit. Those 4 am wake up calls get to you after awhile. I was a bit concerned about such a flat course, with a mixed field of cat 4, 40+, cat 1-3 race with cat 1 racers, but it all worked out just fine. A few near misses, but no crashes in our race.

10 primes. 10 primes in one race, geez they must have worked like dogs hitting up every business at the Beach! As I don't live anywhere near the Beach, and don't do tanning beds, the primes were not for us. So what did we come home with? First 40+, First Cat 4 (Super Sonya on her 2nd win of the season), and 2nd Cat 4 for Sharon who started her sprint from way back.

All in all a good weekend. I think we'll keep it!

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