Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sonya takes the Cake

Super Sonya wins the VACycling Omnium! Way to go girl, for a first year racer, she steadily improved all year, and showed that she can compete in any venue... up hill, on the flat, in time trials! We are all really proud of you and how far you've come!

And a huge shout out to Pave' Maria, the most consistent, fastest, nicest competition a girl could ever have. Week after week, all year long, Maria kicked my ass and then some. It doesn't hurt that she has the best equipment manager in the biz, either. (Even if he did let her down at the last time trial... just kidding, Ben.) Maria is going to look mighty fine next year in that state champion jersey.

And an even bigger thrill for little Kristin and her bud, Mallory who tied to win the Omnium for junior 12-14 girls. Tying your best friend... what a blast!

So 2 omnium winners on our girl's team. Now that is an accomplishment I'm proud of!

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Don Vito said...

Congrats to all the gals for a fine season. Note: Pave Maria is ranked number one in the nation in women's master's time trial. We are not worthy to suck your wheel.