Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

Well whats an Easter post without the random puppy, kitty and bunny shots? It would be sad, so sad. So here's George, posing pretty after snarfing down a good snack. BTW: Georgie is in Perry GA this week royally kicking booty... I miss him something fierce, but he looooves to show, loves the applause and TREATS and all the fanfare. Go George!

And just cuz you cant slight the bunnies and kitties out there...

Twins, separated at birth...
What am I doing for Easter? I'm going to ride my bike, thank you. I'm hoping for a nice long one on Sunday after I clean the sludge off it on Saturday. (Its supposed to rain on Saturday, so I'm going to wait until after I ride to clean it. ) To say the Orbea is skanky would be an understatement. J thinks that we've both been suffering so much this week because our bikes are mad at us.
I believe her. It couldn't possibly be because I SUCK. That would be an outrageous thing to think.
Sunday I'm also going to finish up the pre-work on the veggie garden. I usually don't plant until April 16th. Before that you can get frost, and nothing is going to grow until the soil gets warm, anyway. I'm dreaming of fresh tomatoes. Oh, and squash, and peppers! Fresh basil. Basil and tomatoes. Geez... I'm starving.
Happy Easter. Hope the bun-buns bring you something wonderful.

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