Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The New Specialized Transition?

Front view: Damn, its hard to find a bike in that picture!
Side View
Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but I sure do love tt bikes. Every year, our friends come up with the latest and the greatest go-fast machines. Taller, skinnier, thicker, thinner, sloped, not sloped, sharp edges, smooth edges, you could drive yourself silly trying to keep up.
Cervelo P3 is the best bike in the world because Spartacus rides one and hands out whoop ass to everyone. Then he rides a Specialized and beats everyone on the Cervelo P3 (cuz for some reason no pros are riding the P4...). So does the fact that he still is fast on the new bike make the new bike a better bike than the old bike? Or could it possibly be that he smokes everyone else because he is just fast as shi*?
I have this theory... sometimes when people buy that $10,000 bike, they BELIEVE it will make them faster. So they train harder, and voila they are faster! Hey, if a placebo works, go for it!
When the MIT study came out I bet a lot of manufacturer's jaws dropped... an aero helmet, worn correctly, gives the same time advantage as a disc wheel. So why do so many people shell out a ton of money for disc wheels, but ride in a regular helmet?
And the uber-expensive disc wheels? If they are so good, then why when the fine folks at Cervelo were designing the new P4 did they design the bike so that those wheels won't fit? Cervelo says that their bike doesn't need them. Can anybody really show that the sub-9 disc is really an advantage? If so, how much of one? Is it really $1500 more aero than a $500 Renn disc? Or how about a Hed Jet wheel with a disc cover... at least there you get a wheel you can do crits on and a wheel that becomes a disc wheel. All at a fraction of the cost.
I love all the new bikes. I'm pretty sure that I couldn't ride anything that low, and I'm pretty sure that 99% of the tt bike market couldn't either. (Which is why most people sell their P3's or put a ton of spacers under the bars) They sure are pretty, and I'm sure that whatever Spartacus rides that he will hand the competition his can of whoop ass.
I think I'll keep my out of date Scott, and bank that money for bad times.

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