Sunday, April 19, 2009

The weekend in review...

Saturday was a good day. J came over and rode at O'Dark Thirty with me so that we could get to the club picnic. After a few miles of snuffling, gagging, spitting and other nastiness I looked down at my tires... which were formerly black. Today, pollen yellow-green. Pollen, its just evil.

The picnic though, was grand. Our friends at Fiorucci hosted us at their plant in Colonial Heights. While Cliff and I were waiting for Carey to show up, turkeys flew over our head... in a business park. Carey later told me that they occasionally get bobcats in the compound. Too cool.

Gregg and Sandee arranged a group photo shoot and video for the Fiorucci website. I'm sure it will be up later in the season so go take a look. Fiorucci is not only a great company to work with, but they have great products as well. Give 'em a try. As usual, they will be donating prize bags of their wonderful products for the State Time trial. So plan on being fast that day, those bags are worth about $25 each.

Saturday night I went out to buy tomato plants for the garden. Oh, man! Someone has figured out that the country is in a recession and everyone is going to be planting gardens this year. The cost of plants is thru the roof. I got pissed and went to a small farmers market and bought my plants. If Home Depot and Lowes are going to jack up their prices, I'll just take my business elsewhere. So there... pffft....

Sunday was the Casey Auto Crit... but run backwards this year. The course was both safer and faster in this direction, so good call JRVS.

I must be getting a bad rep... when the officials meet you on the line and ask you where your inhaler is... you got a problem. The pollen was knee deep and there was lovely wisteria growing and blooming all along the course. I knew I was in trouble... and so did the officials. Lucky for me I carry a pot of Vicks in the truck. I smeared so much of it on my face that no pollen was going to enter these lungs. of course I was living in fear that I'd forget and wipe my nose or something, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

How'd it go? The Rostello girls just rocked. 4 laps to go, we were all up front, organizing the train, and being safe. J lead us out and took 5th, I was 1rst 40+ and Col. Sweatsalot was 2nd cat 4. You gotta love it when a plan comes to fruition. This was after J had gotten run off the course not once, but twice by the same rider. Not cool.

I do have a world's record to hand out... to the rider in our race who gave us five different reasons she didn't win. The question is... are the five reasons cumulative... or does one supersede the others. The five reasons were given over a span of about an hour... and when the next one was given, the preceding one was apparently forgotten. I'm sure that if we had hung around a few minutes longer there would have been a 6th and 7th reason... maybe more. By now I'm sure that there was a solar flare that disrupted the electrical charge of the earth or something. Keep 'em coming, it's highly amusing. We do give bonus points for creativity... so keep trying...

And congrats to Gregg... I got a call when I was out planting green beans... 8th in the big cat 4 field, and wisely rode AHEAD of the two crashes. There is a reason why the top pros ride at the front of the peloton.

And BEST WISHES and SUPER SPEEDY RECOVERY to Wes King. Wes, you are NOT the Natures Path guy that we expect to see kissing asphalt. J and I were on the side road and let the ambulance onto the course for the crash. We had no idea it was for you. Take the drugs, don't worry, be happy.

And the biggest hugs and congrats to our adopted team mate Eli Hunt and her hubby Roger. Preggers! Man, are we happy for you both. Roger, I would have kissed you, but the Vicks on my face, just gross, you know?

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