Saturday, April 25, 2009

I've love dogs... but....

It really is dog owners that SUCK! Just the bad dog owners.

A year ago I had a talk with a RICH lady down the street from me. I was having to out sprint her dog on almost a daily basis, and the dog was getting peeved that it wasn't getting to bite me. And the dog was getting smarter... and laying in wait. Nice thing about riding at the same time of day... it puts the smart dogs on a schedule. Dogs love schedules.

So I stopped and talked to her one day. The whole time I was talking to her I had to use the bike as a shield to keep said dog from making me into a Scoobysnack. She admitted to me that she KNEW the dog was going after cyclists, but she didn't like keeping the dog penned up.

Well, after about 15 minutes of listening to this crap I told her what I did for a living. I told her that she was on notice, that failing to do anything about this situation was the definition of gross negligence, and that if I got bit, or heard of anyone else getting bit, that I'd do everything I could to make sure that she payed for it.

That seemed to have gotten her attention. The dog "disappeared." I thought that maybe she took it to animal control, or locked it up, or something.

He's back. I was out tooling around this morning doing an easy 30 before Waynesboro tomorrow. The pollen is so thick out here that I couldn't sprint if my life depended on it anyway... So of course, as I rode by her house, the dog jumped out of the brush and missed me by about an inch, I swerved, almost crashed and if there had been a car coming the other way... I'd be dead. So I'm screaming BAD DOG!!! BAD DOG!!! and I know the lady heard me and didn't do anything.

I'm waiting for animal control to call me back. This is going to be over. Today. Dogs I can deal with. Bad owners...


layzeesusan said...

Sounds terrible for you. Those moments on the bike with animals in the way, whether dogs or squirrels or deer, are always hairy.

I do have one question. Why is the woman's wealth relevant to the story? You place special emphasis on her being "RICH." Would the risk be any more or less if the woman had less money or was poor? Why that detail? Do rich people seem to act with greater disregard? I do see more folks in Mercedes and BMWs in DC talking on their mobile phones whilst driving, even though it's illegal to not use a hands-free device. Or are you just confirming that, if sued, she has a lot to lose?

Karen said...

Rich, she has a lot to loose and you'd think that with the educational opportunities that she has had that she would have an understanding of the law, and the consequences of just letting her dog bite someone.

I do separate out animals... squirrels, deer, and out here the occasional BEAR, are wild animals. Dogs are owned and hopefully cared for by someone.

And yes, I've had some close calls with deer before, too!
(and J killed the Easter Bunny on Easter...)