Monday, April 27, 2009

Hero to Zero

Yesterday was the Van Dessel Crit in Waynesboro. Waynesboro is a wonderful town, with a rich history of outdoorsiness. (is that a word?) I've done some cool races there, running, tris and crits. The community is always super supportive. Thanks to the Van Dessel Team for bringing bike racing back to this cool town!

Unfortunately for me, different courses for different horses. This course is not for me. It goes up, then up, then turns left, and goes up, and turns left again to go up AGAIN. Then you get the cool screaming downhill, a turn to a flat stretch and then you get to do it all over again.

At least we raced at 6 pm. By then the clouds were coming in, the wind was picking up and the heat was dissipating some. All of us were cameling up... drinking as much as we could pre-race as the carnage in the early races was generally due to dehydration.

J ran a 10k in Fredericksburg in her usual blistering fashion, so I knew that she wasn't going to have a lot in the tank. Sharon officiated all day. And me, like I said, not my kind of course. I made it around... just barely, and at least can say that I got a good, hard work out in as Rachel and crew lapped me out there!

It was good to watch our friends at Natures Path completely control and dominate the men's 1-3 race. If you wanted to explain team tactics to someone, that was the race to watch. Good show guys!

We rolled in at home after 10 pm, and this is going to be a very sleepy day.

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