Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lessons from Bull Durham

The Divine Miss J is wicked fast. Both on a bike and on her own two little feetsies.
Saturday she again won this race up near Leonardtown, and as always the local reporters were all over her to get the story. Saturday was nasty. It was hot, and soupy. Not great running conditons. And our Miss J, being the honest person that she is, told it like it was. Geez, you can almost hear the Grusome Growler in her as you read!
Ok, so here is today's lesson. If you ever win a race, and have the great joy of having to respond to a reporter while you are still anoxic, you must take a page from Bull Durham, or track and field sprinters, whichever...
1. Thank God. Today God made my feet very fast, and I thank him for giving me the gifts to have such a divine ability to fly down the road. For it is thru his gifts that I am the supreme being that I am. (and by implication, you are a looser, probably because you squashed a turtle in another life.)
2. Thank the city... We are so blessed that (name of city here) has graced us with such a beautiful venue to have this event. The people have been so gracious to me and I cant wait to come back with bus loads full of tourists with full pockets of cash to spread around to all the businesses!
3. Thank your sponsors. Don't they sponsor you to get their name in print? Want them to do it again? I wouldnt be here without all the help from the best bike/running shop in the world, (name inserted here) They have literally made me what I am today. (and by implication, would make a looser like everyone else fast, too)
I'm going to be working hard on J. Next time I fully expect to see a prime Nascar quote out of her.

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