Monday, September 29, 2008

Sharon's First

Welcome to "Love Your Bike" season. Or as I affectinately call it, Century Season. This is my favorite time of the year, soon to be taken over by windy and dark season, which is NOT a favored time.
We dragged poor Sharon up to Hartwood for her "maiden voyage." Considering the fact that we took her out on a 50 mile ride a few weeks ago, and that was her longest ever ride at the time, 100 miles was going to be a stretch. Not to worry though, we told her that she could do it, and we were sure she could. All we had to do was hold her back and keep her from killing everyone in the first 50 miles!
Sunday was humid. Think Equatorial humidity. Spontaneous shower stuff. Roads wet all day stuff. The kind of day when you know that you should use chamois cream, but since the shorts were already wet by the time we left the parking lot, you didn't want to add to the moisture wet.
(Shoulda used the cream...) We always blow off the first stop and by the second I knew that it was going to be a crotch rot kind of day. Wet shorts are just bad all over... Wet roads that kick up all kinds of slimy nastiness are just bad. Not drinking because its just too wet is bad.
In the end we lollygagged most of the ride, averaged 17.2 mph, and finished strong. The bubbly poured and no one died. A good sink bath got off most of the nasties, and a healthy dose of Badger Balm should take care of the lack of skin down there (I hope).
Funniest site of the day... the girl on the Specialized with one water bottle but 10 Gu's taped to her top bar... They do have food at centuries. How you could choke down that much Gu in a day is beyond me. Doing it on ONE bottle of water...? We passed her about a dozen times, and slowly that Gu stash disappeared. She must have an iron lined gut.
Congrats Sharon on your first century, you da woman!

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