Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lifesaving X 2

My dogs love the water. This summer it has been so dry that they can literally run lengthwise down the South Anna River. George, in particular, is hard to keep out of the river and creek.

After 6" of rain today, no one is running down the river. The river is up more than 6', and is almost out of the banks. The happy little creek beside it is likewise full and rolling.

So, there I am on the phone with Col. Sharon, getting regaled by the latest nonsense on the VAcycling list about our race next week, when I spy, out of my little eye, George about to jump in the river. So I dropped the phone, kicked off the shoes, and yelled as he went in, and went under.

Then I went in after him, and went under. Good thing I took all those life saving courses, huh? I got him to the bank, but couldn't get purchase on its muddy surface, and was able to haul him up to Cliff as I started downstream. Cliff was able to get a foot hold and get a hand to me, and popped me out.

So who was stupider, me or the dog... I'm not going to let one of my guys drown, but you have to respect the force of water. Geez, no wonder people drown after tropical storms, that water was powerful. I don't kayak without a buddy, and never without a vest and a helmet, and here I jump in wearing 20 lbs of cotton jeans and shirt.

Alls well that ends well. Now its time for a nice, hot bath, and a glass of wine.

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