Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Second Coming

There were rumors all spring, then when summer was coming around you could feel a steady pounding of the drums. Today Tom Demerly put out an all points bulletin that Cervello was going to make a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

And here she is, the second coming... The new P4! (make appropriate oooh, ahh noises that we have all been trained on at baby showers...)

Yeah, I know that Cervello said that there wasn't a P4 in the works. Like they were really going to ruin this years P3 sales. Now all the people who bought those so last year P3's are going to have to ditch their bikes and get the P4. Its a steal, $6800 with Sram Red. Buy two, they go fast! (literally)

Funny thing about the ultimate go fast bikes though... most people can't ride them and would be better off on a much cheaper P2c. Yeah, you've seen them... they're the ones who have extra spacers under the bars and still can't maintain an aero position for long. They have to get up and stretch and try to uncontort their necks. All that stretching makes them go slow. Extra spacers throw off the handling of the bike. The P2C is a great bike, but in the quest for the "best" it gets overlooked.

Nice to have your 3rd best bike be the best bike for most people, huh?

So if any of you get one of these latest and greatest bikes, say in a size 51, and you find that it doesn't quite fit you, let me know. I'm such a nice person that I'll take it off your hands, and won't even charge you!

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