Thursday, September 25, 2008

Svein takes silver!

I first saw Svein Tuft when he came down to little old Richmond to race the US Open race. I had hip surgery the day before, but was bound and determined to make it to the start line to cheer everyone on. So Cliff got me as close as he could, and we hobbled me over some 7 blocks.

It was cold. It snowed. April in Virginia, who would have thunk it... The race started late as the TV helicopters couldn't fly in the storm, and poor cyclists were freezing to death in Williamsburg.

Out of nowhere comes the tuff man from Canada... up Libby Hill on the nastiest cobblestones you've ever seen, over and over and over again. What made everyone love him? When they said that he was from Canada and was used to riding in that kind of weather... Svein looked shocked and said that heck no, he wasn't!

So I started following this guy, watching him have great results all the time. Tour of Missouri, Pan Am Games... he seems to do well everywhere. And now his team is folding so its seriously cool that he pulled a silver medal out of his bag and will hopefully get a gig on a big team.

Kudos to the Tuff guy from Canada from the Richmond Chicks! Way to go!

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bturner said...

Hey Karen.. Good news for you and Mr. Tuft. You aren't the only one who has noticed all of his solid results. He's the newest member of the Argyle Armada.