Friday, September 12, 2008

The week before rush

We are 3 days out from our benefit race at Ft Lee. Col. Sharon said, we will do this, and so we did.

I have no idea why you can plan for everything to the smallest detail, but the week before, the craziness starts. The mad dash for straw bales after a drought. (Hay bales would have been impossible to find.) Hammer didn't get our confirmation order, but graciously Fed Ex'ed the product to us when we could show them that yes, we did it email it. (and the stuff should be on my porch tonight) Missing boxes of shirts, and the EBAY effect of people wanting to be the very last person to enter.

Do you know what all that does to your blood pressure? Sky high. Sharon, bless her heart, took most of the week off to handle all this. Good thing...

She sent email after email telling people that if they don't pre-reg by Thursday afternoon, getting on the base is a pain. Pre-reg, and she'd leave a list with the gate guards. Thursday evening, she was getting emails from people begging to get on the list.

The cool things: The tshirts that Jeanne Minnix designed for us are in and as usual she did a fab job. Chik fil a gave a ton of free coupons, Dominos has given free pizza coupons, and our friends at Natures Path again came thru with yummy bars. If nothing else, we are the club that does bike races where you get nice swag bags. Just like a tri, without the tri cost.

So kudos to Col. Sharon, who's can do attitude never ceases to impress me. When other people say they are going to do things, and don't, Sharon ALWAYS pulls thru. Good on you, girl.

And to all those people, in my club and not... who so graciously called and emailed to help. Thank you. It is so refreshing to have people ask what they can do to help. All of you, make racing better.

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