Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm

Ok, Dr Marc: We are going to have remedial training on exactly how to strap down a $6000 bike. While bikes should fly down the road, they shouldn't literally fly off your vehicle. Ouch! Now that's gonna leave a mark!

Like J says, sometimes its ok to be a wee bit OCD. Like me, when the bikes were on the top of my Camry, I'd ride with the window open so that I could reach out and touch them every 45 seconds or so... now that they ride off the back of the Queen cab, I have to have a clear view, and not only do I strap them down, I tie them up. (and have gotten to races with bikes and/or wheels only hanging on by dog leads...)

When Regina Jacobs was ruling the track (running) she had this nasty habit of pulling out of major races... when she thought she was going to get busted. It was sinus infections, etc... all a month out. (she finally got hers in the Balco affair)

Spartacus, say it aint so! How many top riders pulled out of the worlds because they were tired, didn't want to lead young guys, had a hang nail, or whatever? If these guys get caught cheating, I hope they have to forfeit a testicle or two... Give them a penalty that hits home, as it were...

And I may just have a new love... we do a century in the slop on Sunday, and teammate Brian emails me to let me know that as our team mechanic he wants to work on my bikes... Oh, Brian, do I have a scummy bike for you! I think it has dried worms living in the bottom bracket and the idea of having to soak the more crusty bits off has left me cold. (good thing I have back up bikes...) Now I can leave the less glamorous stuff to a studly guy while I do my nails or something! (yeah, right)

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