Friday, October 31, 2008

Mean people suck


Yesterday morning I was a little late for work as I had to stop and get gas in the Queen Cab. No biggie, and it was actually kind of nice as the prices just keep going down. I filled up because I had to drive to Orange last night, and the Beach on Saturday morning.

Ok, fine.

At lunch I zipped over to Wallyworld to get my stash of Diet Coke for the weekend. When you swill the stuff as much as I do, you need to buy cases at a time, and as much as I hate Wallyworld, the price there is much lower on cases of soda.

Soooo, I'm driving home and for some reason I glanced at the gas guage. Empty. At first I thought the guage was stuck. Nope, empty. Some scum sucking pig siphoned my tank at Wallyworld.

I hope you aspirated gas, you son of a flea bitten poop eater.


Stormyva said...

That SUCKS! It's amazing what people will do sometimes!!!!

Are you doing anything exciting down here at the beach this weekend?

Don Vito said...

The WaltMart on Forest Hill? I never go near that place unless I'm packing and I'm not talking about salami!