Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The slogfest

I've finally hit the tipping point on night riding. Last night I was able to get in a quick 22 miler, but quick is the key word. This is the off season, time to recharge, and having to hammer from the second you get on the bike is not exactly a recharge kind of thing. When you live in the country, it gets dark early and riding with lights is iffy at best.

Other alternative... riding death circles in the West Creek business park. Yes, I know other people do it. To me, its like riding in trainer hell. You go round and round and are always at the same place. The only excitment is watching for deer as I've had some close calls in there.

So whats a girl to do... run.

Yeah, yeah. Its a love it or leave it kind of thing. I love it. I just really hate having to start running again. Its not fitness, its the pounding. The next day I feel like someone has beaten the pants off me with a baseball bat.

So here's to suffering thru the opening weeks of running season. If I can make it for a few weeks, I should be set for the winter. Trust me, its a lot more fun to run 7 miles in the dark downtown, than to try to slog 20-30 in the dark, at 30 degrees in West Creek.

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what are you talking about, its not a fun ride until you cant feel your toes and you're still cold to the touch 3 hours later, come on....... i punked out of a west creek ride tonite, its just no fun being bored alone