Monday, October 13, 2008

Operation Kitty Rescue

Cliff lives on the great pet dumping way... (I do, too). Spring is deer dog dumping season, and fall is kitty dumping season. If you think that you are doing your pet a favor by taking it out to the country, you should know that the survival rate for your pet is pretty grim.

Thursday someone dumped 3 kittens. Cliff saw them in the road and tried to get them, but they were skittish so he went back to the house and brought back food and water for them. Saturday we searched for them, and it was pretty obvious that something BAD had happened and we couldn't find them.

Last night as I was going up the road, my lights caught four little eyes... again in the road. I was able to call him on the cell phone, told the dogs to behave and parked the truck.

It took a half hour of the kitties and I meowing at each other, but Cliff now has a 6 week old (+-) little white and black kitten, and a 10 week old (+-) yellow and white kitten, snugged up on cushions in his basement. The other little kitten obviously met a bad end. They are cute as can be, incredibly hungry, but surprisingly healthy for their stint in the woods.

So if you think you might like a lucky bundle of love, we have two that need homes pretty badly. And if you think that this proves that dumping pets in the country is ok... think of the other kitten that didn't make it. The Richmond SPCA offers free cat spay/neuter every spring to try to stop this senseless stuff. Get your cat spayed. Stop the insanity.

To my four dogs in the truck... who had to watch the show from the side of the road, with a 1/4 pizza for temptation... good boys. They seemed to know the gravity of the situation and were completely silent the whole time this operation went on. And the pizza... was untouched. Happiness is a well trained dog.

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