Monday, November 3, 2008

Heal Up Quick, Mark

While I was down in Virginia Beach, my buddy Mark Pye (aka Pyeman) got hit by a car in Bon Air. All I know, the driver of the car was charged with the accident, and Mark is in MCV- I think he has a broken arm, bad lacerations, and I'm hoping that is it.

So Mark, heal up quick. How in the hell are you going to do long rides with me if you are loafing in bed trying to recover from eating asphalt? Slacker...

If you haven't been to the Beach... you have to do it in the off season. My $350 in season room cost me $59 bucks. (Yeah they upgraded me, because I'm, well... Me.) My brittany George had a balcony room on the ocean near King Neptune. Too bad the City hadn't turned on the holiday lights yet, but we had a blast running on the boardwalk anyway.

Georgie scored his first group placement, which should have him nudging the top 10 britts in the country with only a few shows under his belt this year. Georgie is such a sweetie that he had people oohing over him... and I was able to direct them to Britt Rescue who happened to have a few great dogs at the show who really need a good home. Georgie is such a good ambassador for the breed, and I'm glad that I can use him to help the dogs who need a hand.

Funny sight of the weekend... The City has spent a ton of money redoing the convention center... who hangs there? The homeless. That's fine with me, they kept coming over and talking to George, thought it was mighty funny that this big show dog was named George (with a New York accent... Geohwge). What were they doing all day? Well, to my eye... they were stripping the coating off wiring(copper) that obviously came from HVAC type units. Missing any?

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