Friday, November 7, 2008

Computrainer low down

Yep, its that time of year, when all the little Cycor folks head on over to Endorphin Fitness (Michael Harlow's wonderful facility) to slog away on the Computrainer. Suffering alone is just wrong. Somehow, suffering with your buds makes it much better. Still sweaty, stinky and nasty, but ok.

Molly has been great and has gotten many of the local race courses, like Wintergreen programed in. So we can race Wintergreen, or Jeff Cup, or go over when we want and slog it out alone. Again, alone is bad.

After not being on the bike for almost two weeks my legs were screaming last night. I think I did my slowest ever performance on a tough course, and today I'm paying for it. Kudos to Gregg Gammon who used to get so pissed off when I would pass him in the last mile(or less) every week. Gregg positively stomped me last night.

And the pool of toxic sweat was just as bad under Big Bill's bike as ever... I dont care what he says...

So when the days are short, and the work days are long, give the computrainer a try. You too might become addicted.

Oh, and it looks like Chainlove has run thru the Reynolds wheels... but they had Zipp cranks on yesterday, and had pictures of 808's... I'm thinking they are going to be selling off Zipp wheels soon. Go on, take a look, bet you get addicted, too! (J is going to set up a 12 step program for me... Lord, I'm an addict and I need help. Just the thought of the tiny window to get a good deal has me drooling. Reynolds wheels, Zipp cranks, heck Pedro's bike cleaner kits. I admit it. I need help.

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