Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanks Firemen!

Last night I got home from running, threw the dogs out and jumped in the tub. Minutes later the sound of fire engines could be heard... so I hopped out, dried out and called Cliff to get the a scanner check.

One of my neighbors had a fire. I think fire companies from all over Goochland came. For a miserable, cold, rainy night, my normally quiet street looked like a war zone.

After awhile they got matters in hand, but the family had to get Red Cross assistance. I offered to take in any of their animals, but they didn't need me.

Who did they need... all those volunteer firemen, who came out on such a wickedly bad night to help out one of their neighbors. Thanks to all of you who volunteer your time to keep us all safe. In a rural county, with no hydrants, on cold, rainy nights, you all are just the best.

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