Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random thoughts on life

Life is not fair. I come in to work this morning and I have a bunch of "come ride today" emails. Because of Thanksgiving, our month end is bumped up to today. So not only can't I ride today when the rest of you slackers are out on the road, I'll be working late today to get the month end stuff done. So stop rubbing it in, you are making me cranky.

I was running last night and got sideswiped. Running is dangerous. Guess what sideswiped me, go on, quess! Nope not a big honkin' SUV... I got smacked by the flag on a RECUMBENT! If I hadn't jumped out of the guys way, he would have just plowed me down. To make it worse, he was going so slow that I could have sprinted up to him and shoved him into traffic if I hadn't been so stunned that I almost got run over by a RECUMBENT of all things. And the pea brain didn't even apologize. Looser.

You know, not that RECUMBENTS are bad, or that people that ride them are odd or anything. Because to follow down that train of thought might make me like the 90% of drivers who think that cyclists are odd, and ok to run over...

There was a great story in USATODAY on pilots who help transport shelter dogs from areas of low adoption to places where they will be adopted. I help move dogs from time to time in our well coordinated transport team. By truck. Out west we have utilized some of the pilots where the distance is too great. Isn't it wonderful that people can take something that they love (flying) and turn it into something that helps out another living being... Anyone who thinks they might like to do transport, give me a shout. Most legs are an hour or less, and you can do as many, or as few as you like.

On the same vein of helping things live... I read about a well known cyclist who was coming home from his training ride in the dark, with no lights, when he was hit and killed. I've been using these wonderful KNOG lights lately. They really aren't made to flood the road with light like mountain bike lights, but they dont have to be charged for hours, either. They are good lights, have a great plastic wrap around thingy that makes putting them on and taking them off easy, and they really do make you visible. So if you run the risk of not getting in before dark, get a new light. I hate it when we loose good cyclists...

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