Monday, November 24, 2008

The year in advance

Well its pretty much a year down. Yesterday was the VAcycling Association meeting and we are all approved for the two races that we'll put on for next year. As always the State Senior TT that we put on and the Ft Lee race which will now be in the spring instead of the fall when everyone is sick of racing. I can tell you this, looking back on yesterday, its is good to know that you have friends who will stand by you when another club decides they want your championship race. Its one thing to bid every year for the championship, its quite another thing to have another club decide that they want the championship, and oh, they want to do it on your course! How'd that work out? Not too good.

What is really nice about the meetings is that the people who really want to make cycling work, and make cycling better come out. Yeah, sometimes things can get a bit dicy, but for the most part, the meetings really are about making things better.

So to that end I'm awful glad that Van Dessel is going to bring racing back to Waynesboro. That Waynesboro crit course is TOUGH, and the town has always embraced cycling.

And kudos to the guys in Roanoke who after their kick ass 3 days in July are going to do it not just one 3 day weekend, but two. I can't wait!

Special kudos to our friends at Natures Path (who keep me in bars...) for scoring the State Senior Crit for the Town of Ashland. Ashland is the Center of the Universe and should have cycling again after the demise of Cobblestone. Hint, walk across the rail road tracks to Homemades by Suzanne... yum.

So this year is over, for which I am very Thankful. Now I get to start gearing up to suffer all over again, with a full slate of races next year. Maybe this time all that running will pay off over the winter!

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