Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bob rules the world

Jenn sent me some more cool pics of Bob ruling the roost at Langley. Not a bad life for a little guy who was lined up to be snuffed at the shelter, huh.

Bob is pretty bummed these days. He only gets to go to these "Bob Parties" that other people call races when the weather is cool. Bringing dogs to hot events is just wrong, but Bob cant understand why I don't bring A/C with me.
Bob has a new little buddy that we're going to be healing up and then finding a home for. As always, when its the end of hunting season, dud hunters get dropped off to fend for themselves. last year we found a great home for "Elvis", and this year the project is "Snoop Dawg." Snoop is a young male Walker Hound, as sweet and lovable as they come. I don't think he's ever been hunted, as he shows absolutely no interest in hunting, is very respectful of the cat, and content to just walk along with us. I'll have photos up as soon as his numerous boo boo's heal, and if you think a good ole' boy could fit in your life, give us a shout! He is a really nice guy.

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