Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday night rides

We had a great Rostello girls night at the Tuesday night world championships, both J and Katie made it out. J is so funny, when she pulls you can just hear her laugh as the moaning and groaning starts about the fact that no one can draft off her. Everyone loves it when I go to the front- not so much with J!

I was really sorry to hear that Mark North and James had a little inky dink out on the road. Somehow James always seems to find a soft spot to land, in this case it was on poor Mark. Word this morning is that Mark is ok, but was howling in the shower. After my recent contra temps in the mountains I can sure appreciate what that feels like. James was of course fine after his cushy landing.

After the adventures we headed over to Jason's Deli. Is there anywhere else where you can eat well, organic, for less? I love Chipotle, but the calorie counts there can do a knock out on you. Vegetarian Vegetable soup (yum) and a great salad bar and I'm a happy camper. Of course the organic flat bread on the salad bar has got to go. You can get addicted to that stuff. Cliff is a big fan of the red beans and rice . Good cheap eats. Its a keeper.

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