Sunday, April 27, 2008

When things go splat...

Face it, I'm what we shall call "vertically challenged." Oh, I can climb, kind-a, sorta, as long as you aren't comparing me to anyone who races bikes. It's just one of those things, hills are not my friend.

So every year the C'ville club puts on this little race up Wintergreen designed to make me remember that the stuff I climb in my neck of the woods is not like the stuff they climb in theirs. I get it. You guys win! But like an idiot, I keep trying. I think I was dropped on my head multiple times as a child. I know I was way back when when I showed jumpers...

This morning I dragged Cliff to go ride in the mountains with me. It's really not fair, he actually can climb, and for some strange reason, really likes it. He does not like having to chide me into getting my butt up mountains, though. He did it, he got me up to the top. It took a lot of encouragement, a little bit of threatening, and maybe a stick or two, but I made it.

Then we relaxed at the Shell station, where believe it or not, gas is 10 cents cheaper than near my house. We had a coke and debated on how cold it was going to be going down the mountain. Colder than a well digger's butt won out. 57 degrees and descending while you are wet is just not fun.

Ok, so enter problem two with the fact that I don't live and don't ride in the mountains... descending. Nope, not like at home. Those nasty switchbacks will get you, and yep, they did. Coming down the steepest part, with badly cramped hands is not a good thing. Exit stage left, into what Cliff called the "Evil Knievel" move - over a 3' bank which luckily had me hit a small gravel road... HARD. But, that kept me from a nice free flight, so I'm happy for a bit of gravel.

Not so happy with the bent handle bars, the rocks in the shorts, the dinger of a head hit, road rash out the wazoo, but happy to be not still airborne. Yowza. I'm going to have to do something special to make up for the 10 years Cliff lost watching it, the poor lady in the car behind me is on her own. After doing the mental body check... yes, head is here, arms work, legs, yep... we were able to get her on her way. Poor thing. Bet she talks about it at dinner...

Cleaned up, napped up, and ready to go next Saturday... as long as I can ride the bus down! (oh, and while I was waiting for the "team car" a string of people went by, including Dee Dee who looks amazing. You go girl!)

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