Wednesday, April 30, 2008

They're out there...

I don't usually read letters to the editor because I find that there are an awful lot of wack jobs out there, and their posts either disturb me, scare me, or piss me off. This one was emailed to me, and it just happens to be about a road that is on just about every bike route in the area.

The scary thing? This is a common sentiment. "Lets throw things at cyclists because its OUR road." Either that, or "I saw a cyclist do (fill in the blank here." Ok, I'll bite. Go to the intersection of Pump and Broad St, and I bet in a ten minute time frame we can count over 1000 traffic infractions- most involving running a red light. Then we'll compare your "I saw a cyclist" with 1000 car violations in 10 minutes. I don't even drive in that area because its so bad.

Funny, I don't threaten to do bodily harm to people in cars for making a driving error. I bet the people who threaten to do harm to cyclists don't think the same about all the people in cars at Pump and Broad.

Attention All Public Road Bicyclists (Behind You, at 6MPH)
Reply to: pers-640604946@craigslist.orgDate: 2008-04-13, 8:52AM EDTI do not understand the logic of your riding on a public thoroughfare that does not have a designated bicycle lane, especially on narrow, curvy two lane country backroads. Yesterday there were seven of you, on Ashcake Road, and you weren't even clusterfucked. had to space yourselves out. Two here, a car lengths worth of space, then another one. A half a car lengths space, then another two, so on, and so forth. This is a frequently used road for truckers and dump trucks to get between Rockville and Ashland. The curves are many and close together. There isn't a whole lot of straight road for them to pick up speed and get around your leg-shaving speedo wearing stupid asses. It took twenty minutes to go three miles. Yes, I am aware that there is the whole "share the road" thing. The moron that pushed that through is probably a biker homo, too. Nevertheless, there are roads that make a little lane alllllll for you. Maybe when some unsuspecting auto driver comes around one of those curves and nails your ass you will have some common sense knocked into you and you'll stay off the roads not built for you to leisurely gallavant about the countryside in the middle of the road. This is assuming that afterwards you aren't maimed for life or killed, not that you wouldn't rightly deserve it for being a complete and total retard for putting yourself in harms way. Being the awesome and good samaritan that I am, I am going to help you cure your bad case of the dumbass, AND save other drivers from seeing the carnage of your mangled bloody body in the roadway after being hit from someone that couldn't stop in time. I encourage other drivers to do the same. I am going to go to a sporting goods store and buy a case of golfballs, which will be sitting in the front seat of my vehicle. The next time I come across one of you mental midgets playing in the street, I am going to roll down the window and start chucking them at you. Hopefully once I get past you, all I will see are your tires and feet sticking up in the air from some bushes. If the golf balls don't work, maybe a nice fat sack of potatoes will. Or better air horn. LOL that would be GREAT!!! GET OFF THE ROAD!!!!

There are an awful lot of people who are very unhappy out there. Maybe what they really need is a BIKE to work off some of that frustration and angst!

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Stephen Wahl said...

It is scary what people will do or even think of doing. We have to be careful and vigilant while on the bike. I live in Frederick, MD and encounter lots of different drivers, have had stuff thrown at me, honked at, revved up by the rednecks with their diesel trucks that have 6"-black smoke spewing exhausts, motorcycles, you name it, but have never felt uncomfortable or unsafe. This kind of crap is somewhat disturbing, but I bet there are more people that think like this person, or worse. Hopefully it is just some coward who is trying to scare cyclist off the roads and it will never come to golf ball chucking.

However, he does have one good point. I think it is important to try and stay together as much as possible when riding in a group to prevent cars from having to leapfrog around groups of cyclist. I can see his frustration there. It only pisses off motorists and endangers the group since they are more likely to take stupid chances to pass.

Anyway, can't let frustrated, impatient idiots like this keep us from riding. Thanks for passing it on.