Monday, April 21, 2008

The weeks results

First off, a big, huge, wide smile to Joanie Benoit Samuelson for her amazing 2:49:08 at the Olympic Trials. Thats a new US 50+ record. Joanie rocks the world!

And a big thanks to my bud J, who was on-line watching the fuzzy video stream and calling to give me the updates of the Trials race. It was almost as good as being there to hear her call that Magdalena Lewy was going away, Deena catches her, then the epic battle for 3rd. This is going to be an awsome team. J was in tears when she called to tell me that the top 3 girls were on the line waiting for Joanie. Class acts, all around.

And a big kudo to J! Off she sneaks up to Leonardtown for yet another 5k run win OVERALL. She told me that when she put a surge on the guys at mile one, and when no one could answer that she knew she had it in the bag and decided to play with them a bit, and ran just ahead of them to wear the pants off them. Then she takes off and trashes them.... Thats my girl! J will rip your legs off and smile at you!

And onto the epic stuff at the Twisted Tire Mtn bike race... what more can you say other than it was the worst conditions that anyone can put to paper. Epic is the word that I've heard most. Sonya continued her winning ways by winning the Beginner women with our Kat Herndon 7 seconds chasing for 2nd. Jenn Roman, or Graphic Goddess, proved that yes, a roadie could ride in the slop and finished, even though she had her doubts! Tom Ricardson won the Expert 40+ and Jon Gonyo won the single speed. I cant wait to see the pictures to see if I can identify any of my team mates! I can certainly say that I am glad I wasn't there. If for no other reason than the cost of bike repair would have been beyond me! (I heard that brakes and deraileurs were pretty much trashed after 1 lap.)

I've gotten an email from Ann and she seems in pretty good spirits. Women bike racers are TOUGH!

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