Saturday, April 5, 2008

li'l Belgians

I can always count on J to show up when I propose stupid things. You know, like screw the rain, lets ride anyway. Really get in the Flanders spirit and all that stuff. So 7:30 on the dot, J is at my door and off we go.
Only... the wicked bad weather really never came. It drizzled, and every once in a while it let loose a bit, but for the most part... it was just wet. Oh, and humid. Really humid. At 55 degrees we were both actually pretty toasty in all our heavy winter finest.
In fact, everything was going along swimmingly until the other problem with wet weather decided to rear its ugly head. Yeah, that one... flats. I had my crap weather tires on, and just assumed that since I never get flats, that of course I wouldnt get a flat. Smart, huh?

So I had the wrong tubes, and while we had co2 canisters, I forgot the holder. So there we were, way out in nowheresville and I had to call the team car. Hey, Cliff, come get us! When I hung up, J looked at me and said, "You didnt ask him to bring a pump." Of course not, silly! He'll be coming in the van which has everything you'd ever need to get thru a nuclear holocaust in it. Uh-huh. He was sure that he was picking up two drowned rats, so he took everythign out of the van to get us and all the stuff in... Some days are just like that.

The nice thing about the adventure was that we were able to bully him into joining us out on the road. His condition, that we head down to Goochland Courthouse and stop at the new Music Cafe. On the way, we got to see a bunch of wild turkeys doing the courtship thing which was seriously cool. Big Gobble-gooble was none too happy when Cliff started calling back to his chicks! Life in the country does have its advantages.

The other cool thing was this new Music Cafe. Bluegrass on Thursdays $5 cover. Other bands during the week and for a change, decent food in that part of town. I'm hooked.

Tommorrow we have our chicks skills clinic and I hope the beach chicks can make it up. While our weather was none too bad today, I understand the beach really got Belgian weather. (we could have used some of that rain.) After the skills clinic, I'll be doing the bike clean routine. I dont know why there are so many dried worms in my drivetrain, but there are. Yuck.

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