Thursday, April 10, 2008

Things are looking "UP"

Every now and again you just have to do something out of the comfort zone. So last year I bought a track bike. Enter my new Felt "Up". So this year, when I can I'm going to enter the B races with Fat Frogs Danielle, and fully expect to get my ass handed to me by Danielle's hubby, Gilbert. I'm still a little Leary of this whole "better pedal or crash" thing, and I've already learned that coasting over a bump can be very bad for you. Now I'm terrified of sprinting, least I forget and get to play superman in front of an appreciative crowd! Like I said, out of my comfort zone, but I'm game. (or stupid...)
At lunch today I took UP down to the James River for a ride along the Pony Pasture Rapids. Criminy, what a beautiful day. 75 degrees, a light breeze, and everything in the world is in bloom. Red Hawks flying, Canada geese building nests, painted turtles by the thousands sunning themselves on rocks, and more kayakers than you could shake a stick at. And all of that is inside the City of Richmond. It really is one of the most amazing places on earth.
And there I was, riding back and forth on Riverside Dr, just about as happy as you could be with your clothes on. Things are definitely looking "UP."
** If you happen to live in Goochland or Henrico Counties... Walter Stosch and the transportation powers that be are going to have a meeting on May 8th, from 6-8 at the Twin Hickory Library to discuss "Transportation in the Next Decade." Now that sounds like a great meeting for cyclists to be out, now doesn't it? I've already emailed him and told him to expect a full house. Please dont let me down!

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