Friday, May 2, 2008

Super chicks

I just got to give a shout out to two super chicks. Congrats to Graphics Goddess Jenn who was game about trying to do the fast ride, but had her doubts about hanging. Trick to hanging with the pack is to stay in the top third to get the plush puppy ride. Jenn, you rock! There she was, getting in position all night, working like a dog when I'd yell at her to get up there! And no surprises here, she finished the ride beaming like a high voltage light.

And big kudos to Col. Sharon from Ft Lee! She told me that she needed work on surging and stuff. So I told her to be tough, and rule the ride. Go ARMY! Off Sharon would go to attack the field every time you looked around! Get 'em, GET 'EM and off she'd go!

And super big kudos to Biker BJ. Just got an email from her main squeeze that she breezed thru her collar bone surgery and will be back kicking heiney in no time! Enjoy the drugs BJ, coming back is tough!

Happy Friday everyone. Sufferfest at Wintergreen tomorrow...

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