Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hope Springs A Kernel

Thats the phrase that I got from Boston Legal last night as I was laying in bed wishing that my gut rot would go away. By 3 am I finally got to sleep, and today, let me tell you, I'm shot.

I knew last night before the fast ride that I was not feeling great. It was some kind of humid, and the storm clouds were brewing, but like an idiot, I pushed off to join the pack. By mile 5 I was having serious doubts. A few miles later I was having trouble bridging gaps, and after the first big hill I would have been shelled off the back if big Kevin hadn't waited for me.

Thanks Kevin. What I really needed was a PUSH! Or a shot to the head...

By the time we got to the Vontay Hill my guts were rolling. I got shelled some kind of bad. Which would have been the end of the story except that J and Cliff decided to come back for me to prolong my agony. Have you ever ridden with someone who can ride faster than you when you are ready to hurl? You can't ride their speed, but they think you can ride faster than you are, and the effort just makes those tummy juices flow. Then the misery of the situation hits you, and you just wish that either you would die, or they would... God I love J and Cliff. I wanted them to leave me for dead in the worst kind of way.

We finally got back. I think the last 5 miles must have taken a few days at least. It was funny, I could ride about 18 mph alone, but couldn't handle 22 in the paceline, even with no wind and on the flat.

We headed off to Jason's Deli and I had them make me a grilled cheese- sick people food. I swear that little sandwich kept growing on the plate and I left part of it and the soup mostly uneaten. That is definitely not like me.

Tonight is the first of the women's rides of the summer that I lead. I had better get into a better situation before 6 tonight or its going to be another rough go. Maybe someone will take mercy on me tonight and just kick me in the ditch!

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