Saturday, May 24, 2008

Parts and Pieces

J affectionately calls me Princess Butt. Sorry, its just the way it is. Some of us are a wee bit more sensitive than others.

This morning I'm out riding with Cliff and the guys and you know how sometimes your chamois just wrinkles a tiny little bit? Yeah, like a Skoal commercial... " A little between the cheek and gum." Except with bike shorts its just not very nice. (not that I can imagine a chaw of tobacco being very nice, either.) I must have looked like a total spaz on the bike trying to get that little fold to stop pinching the hell out of my more sensitive parts. It's going to be a Badger Balm kind of night.

Trust me, I know all about keeping the area in shape. The whole de-forestation, wet ones, out of the shorts, and I have about 3 different home cooked chamois cream recipes. After you have to get a saddle sore cut out in the operating room you really learn that you don't want to repeat the procedure.

Tomorrow had better be a better ride. With gas prices so high, it looks like I'll be riding from home instead of RFK. I hope everyone there has a fab ride, and that everyone keeps the rubber side down. RFK is a great race, I just cant swing the gas!

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