Friday, May 16, 2008

This and that

I was tired last night. It's funny how sometimes it just creeps up on you, but I got home, ready to go do the fast ride and just decided to take it down a notch. So of the 3 fast rides, I did the 20 mph one and sat in until the last 10 miles. If you listen, your body will tell you what it needs. Today I feel great, so obviously listening is getting to be one of my better skills.

What was the notable thing on the ride... this new guy on a Cannondale. Ever see Ferris Buehler? When Ferris is trying to get back home before his parents and Dad is going down the road behind the old lady? I think this guy is related to her. He went this way and that way, and this way and that way. Funny how you can be fairly fast and do that. I really wanted to give him directions to Endorphin to get on the computrainer and let him play with spin scan for awhile. If he stopped pedaling squares, he'd ride smoother and be so much faster. (not to mention a whole lot less squirrely and less nerve racking to ride behind!)

Sunday is Go Fast, and it looks like there will be 3 of us women in the track race. I'm pumped. Who knows, if enough women see how much fun that stuff is, maybe we'll be able to get a race of our own! Between the 3 Go Fast races, and the 2 Fat Frog races at Langley there is enough of a reason to buy a track bike ladies, and it really helps when you look at how dirt cheap they are.

Super Sonya told me that both she and Tom won their mountain bike races this weekend. I cant wait for the full report, they are animals!

And speaking of animals.. I foster sometimes for American Brittany Rescue. Do you have room in your house for a temp dog? got a yard and need someone to play in it? Most foster situations last about 2 weeks, sometimes a little longer. ABR pays for all the expenses, and finds the homes, but temporary shelter is a priceless thing. My last foster was as a result of a death in the family- and the dog was fabulous. If you think you could help, either contact me, or go to It's a good thing!

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AmyLynn said...

Thanks so much for your support of American Brittany Rescue (ABR)! If you didn't already know, we have another project we are working on: the Senior Brittany Retreat. Check the website at

Thanks again! Amy at ABR