Saturday, May 31, 2008

You Can't Ride With Me

A few weeks ago Wes King was on one of the "slower" fast rides with me. I was kind of hanging out, keeping an eye on my girls, and Wes was just hanging out. We got to talking and after a few close calls he looked at me and said that he wasn't sure if it was safer to ride with the "slower" folks or the fast guys. I agree. Truth is, the faster guys usually have really good bike skills, but on occasion, the lack of oxygen gets to them and "stuff" happens. The slower fast people tend to just have natural talent, but no skills. I'd say that on occasion its six of one, or half dozen of another as to which ride is more likely to have crashes.

I'd rather race any day. I know almost everyone I race with, and trust almost all of them. I've been known to go up and have what I affectionately call the "Karen Talk" with people who I think are not going to be safe. Face it, despite an unfortunate crash earlier this Spring, most of the women's races down here are very safe. We know what's important. And when you have broken as many things as I have, you really know how much it sucks to spend a Summer laid up in a cast, or worse.

So this morning I had to tell yet another bunch of guys that I wouldn't ride with them. I'm sure they think I'm a bitch. I am. Born and bred. Growing up in the military we were taught to stand up and fess up. I'm a bitch, there I said it. Some of you guys take really stupid, unnecessary risks. Some of the really stupid stuff you do can get me hurt. Since I really hate being laid up, and make a terrible patient, (ask anyone who knows me...), if I think you are going to continue said dumb behaviour, you can just go off without me.

My friend Sharon dug up this really cool 10 page guide to pace line riding and gave it to me to distribute. If you want a copy, let me know. If you find one on your windshield after a ride, its because I love you. Really. We can all use a little help now and again.

Me I need help weeding the garden. So if anyone wants to help me, show up in loose clothing with good gloves. When the tomatoes, squash, green beans, beets, peppers and other veggies come in, I'll share. Promise.

Ya'll be good out there, ya hear?


Don Vito said...

Amen and thank you! There are certain people in this town that I simply will not ride with anymore. Funny how they all seem to have the same first name! When a sketchy rider comes out we give the the "Mafia Talk". The vast majority listen and learn, but the few nuckleheads that think they know more than seasoned riders become persona non grata.

Stormyva said...

How about a copy of that list to me... I know a few people that could use some help!!!
Email it to me at


Karen said...

Im going to have to try that... the Mafia talk. "Hey, Guido, pull another stunt like that and you'll be swimmin' wit da fishes..."

Jennifer said...

Hey Karen :-)

Can you email me the paceline article? Thanks!

Don Vito said...

You can outsource your "protection" to the Spin Mafia. Just have a couple of cases of Rostello salami fall off the back of da truck. Rode with Katie Saturday, you need to come on out sometime. Ciao!

Karen said...

Ok Don, I'll be coming out to check on you all one day soon! Rostello is ham, you want the good stuff, Fiorucci Genoa Salami. Yum, yum, good!