Monday, May 12, 2008

Voice of Reason

Face it, no one wants to pay taxes. However, you get to the point where not paying to maintain things can make the eventual repair so expensive that in the future you wonder why people could have been so friggin' dumb as to not take care of things when they were minor. You know, don't change the oil in the car because its going to cost you $30, so then you need a new engine for $1500. Virginia's roads are in the car engine category now.

It's time to face facts and pony up and take care of problems before they become so unmanageable that you just cant fix them.

After the Walter Stosch meeting on Thursday where he was pretty doom and gloom about the fact that no one wants to raise taxes to fix the roads, I read this in the Times Dispatch this morning... Funny thing, I bet this afternoon I get an email from various representatives telling me how those tax and spend Democrats are at it again. If politicians dont stop talking out of both sides of their faces, and actually SUPPORT something that needs to be done, I don't know how things will ever get done. Democrat, Republican, zebra or groundhog, just do what has to be done. (I appreciate that Walter is on the for-front of trying to get this situation fixed, even if there are obstructionist forces out there who will use it against him.)

So if you care, call your representative and tell them how you feel. Me, I want roads widened. It is good for bikes, and good for cars. Cars that aren't riding on the edge of the road are less likely to crash, and the roads don't break down as quick. Guess what, there is Federal Matching Funds available, too. In order to take advantage of that free money, you have to put up money.

Oh, well.

But on a good note, Snoop Dawg is BACK! I don't know how, but he is some kind of tired, and looks like he dropped 5 lbs overnight. I dont know if someone took him and he ran back, but he's home, and sleeping like a rock. After I got a few hundred ticks off him, and got lots of good food in him, he passed out. Plan is to get him neutered this week, and all his shots.

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