Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A solution for Dennis

So J has come up with the ultimate intervention for Dennis. Dennis the Ohio State fan can get his very own OSU cooler. Now his little beer bottles can ride in style and be at the proper temperature for imbibing. Dennis, thanks for offering me a beer, but it really has to be at the right temp. (which is one reason why I bought Cliff a wine cooler, lets do things right, guys.)

One guy who is trying his hardest to do things right is my buddy and team mate Steve. Steve is on a mission to break an hour at our State TT. He's dropped a ton of weight, and comes out and rides as hard as he can. You can tell how hard he's working, he is looking great, and is always wonderful to be around.

Check out his new blog at You da man Steve! Just stay away from Dennis' warm beer and you'll beat your goal!

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mmmmmmm....... beeeeerrrrrr.......oh wait, thats what put all this weight on me, that and cranberry with coconut rum (mmmmm rum) and mexican food. all of which i had to give up to lose weight. i miss them o so very much and will say hello to them once after the tt if i'm 1:10 or faster. :)