Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Pollen Fixer

Back in our old office I had sinus infections constantly. It was so bad that the ENT put me on maintenance doses of antibiotics. Antibiotics are BAD. Between the deviated septum, and the mold in the walls I was feeling mighty bad. Then the ENT recommended a sinus wash kit. Ewwww... GROSS! Except, these things work. Really work.

I finally broke down and bought one of the suckers and within a week my sinus infection was gone. Now I had to do the washing twice a day at first, but it only takes a minute to do so it was worth it.

I even have my Dad doing this. Cliff finally bit the bullet and got a kit as well. Several of my friends with bad allergies have been able to go off their allergy pills by sinus washing. Heck, the thing is so good that USA Today did an article on the whole system (not just Neil Med) advising that ENT's were now recommending people with sinus infections do this vs. antibiotics.

Last night everyone was cutting hay on my training route. I swear my eyes were just pouring tears trying to get relief. I was coughing, gagging, snorting and expectorating massive amounts of gu. By the time I got home, I was in rough shape. I grabbed the Neil Med, washed, and was able to sleep just fine.

So if you are suffering, go get a kit. They cost about $12.00, and while you don't want to have your squeeze watch you do it, it sure does help!


Don Vito said...

Neti pot. Only way to go. Saw Dr. Oz on Oprah (yes, I DO watch her!)

Don Vito said...

Another great solution is something called a Neti Pot, basically a full sinus cavity rinse. Saw Dr. Oz touting it on Oprah (yes, guys watch her too!)

Karen said...

Actually this is like a Neti pot, and Neil Med makes a Neti pot. Same deal- a full sinus rinse.