Friday, May 9, 2008

Yesterday's Frazz

Julie once paced me to a nice win on a tough, hilly 8 mile running race. There was this fast chick in Williamsburg that we affectionately called "Hurricane Hair." She always came out perfectly coiffed, with enough hairspray on to survive a tornado, and head phones.
J caught up with me at mile 6, and I was 200 yards behind Hurricane Hair. I had been there the whole race and just couldn't make up the distance. Over that last 2 miles J badgered the hell out of me and I got to within about 10 meters, 1/2 mile to go, I was about 2 meters back. Right before the end there is a down hill, then a sharp, steep hill and then over the top to the finish shoot. J was screaming at me.
What did Hurricane Hair tell the local paper who interviewed her after I beat the pants off her? I didn't know she was there... For two miles J screamed at me and with the headphones, that chick threw away her race.
Headphones, just all bad. (good for me though!)

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