Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thank God for long weekends

Well this is day two of three of the long weekend. Between the high gas prices, and work problems, I decided to stay home. Yeah, home except for going into work awhile yesterday. I should have taken one of my dogs with me. It was too quiet in there. Like a Stephen King novel quiet.

Cliff came over this morning to get me out of the funk and we decided to ride west, young(ok, old) girl. Pretty much straight out Rt 250 towards C'ville on some of the prettiest and hilliest roads around. It was just what I needed. Hill therapy. Or, suffer therapy. 70 miles of that and I think I'm back on the straight and narrow. Add a head wind the whole way out and you have a perfect storm of helpfulness for a bad attitude. We went thru Gum Springs, Hadensville, Shannon Hill, Ferncliffe, Town of Louisa, Cuckoo, Shelfar, Inez, crap I forget the rest.

I can tell you that the menu at Obregato(?) in the Town of Louisa looks wonderful. If I had had a few more bucks on me I think I could have convinced Cliff to stop to eat. I'm not sure if they would have let us stinky cyclists in, but I'm pretty good at begging. That looks like a place we'll have to go back to.

Not so much the Everyday Cafe'/gas station. Cliff went in to get us a coke while I guarded the bikes. You hate to judge a book by its cover, but there are some mighty strange lookin' folks out there in Louisa. How such a beautiful town ended up with such a group is beyond me.

And how can Cliff convince dogs to go home so easily is also beyond me. Two big black dogs came charging at us at one point, and without raising his voice he just told them, "go on home, ya'll, go home." They looked at each other abashedly, and turned around, heads down and headed back. Its like magic. I was gearing up for a sprint- up hill.

So I'm tired, gearing up to grill some teriyaki pork tenderloins with a mighty nice Merlot for a chaser. I guess my attitude is improving, and maybe by the time I finish mowing, weed eating, pruning, and all the other chores tomorrow I'll be happy to go back to work.

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