Monday, May 19, 2008

Go Fast, Go Home

What can you say, some days its just better to know when to say when. Sunday was great, Go Fast Turn Left is always a lot of fun. I consider it more of a block party than bunch of races, with all my buddies from the Beach area having to spend money on gas instead of me. From the kids races, to the track races, to the crit races, there is always something going on, and you can sit in one spot and have it all happen with a 360 view.

Dern rain. I get to a race at 7:30 am, and am on one of the two bikes all day. First the track races, which as always were a blast, and then gearing up for the crit, which I was really looking forward to. Just as we were ready to get called to the line, the sky opened up and it started to rain. Just a gentle rain. When I heard the race was called I was more than irked. I ride in the rain. It was a good call. We've lost too many good women racers this year and really can't afford to loose any more. Danielle gave me a hug and told me it was ok to sulk. Sulk I did, but it was still a good call.

Genie brought her sweet dachshund to play with Bob, but Bob stays home when the temps get above 70 degrees. Black, fuzzy dogs and heat are a bad combination, especially with me racing and not able to watch him all the time. There were other dogs there, too. Sharon politely gave one owner a plastic bag and a bunch of towels when their dog took a massive dump right where bikes come in and out of the infield. We were standing at registration and watched them look around and then walk off without cleaning up. Gross. If you are going to bring a dog to races, look after them and for crap's sake, clean up after them.

The Heal Up Quick comment has to go to Dr Mark. Poor guy, I feel terrible about teasing him in the am about rubber side down. He told me he had a bad feeling and that it had been awhile since his last inky dink. I watched him go around looking monster strong in the Cat 4 race, and was 20' away when he went down. Man, that looked like it hurt. Nice to have Dr Matt at all the races to patch us up.

Oh, well. It looks like my normal Monday easy day is going to become a Monday hard day. Dern rain!


Jennifer said...

I liked the title for this post. That's kind of how it felt. Actually, I didn't even get a chance to "Go Fast"! It was more like "Warm-up Go Home". Haha :-)

Don Vito said...

Dr. Mark ... dude ya gotta stop this crashing stuff.