Monday, May 5, 2008

Another Cyclist Killed Article

Read it here:,0,544144.story

I really hate the way newspapers write this crap...
"While there was a helmet found at the scene the police couldn't say if she was wearing it..."

Yeah, she could have been bathing in it, eating out of it, maybe was carrying a pet turtle in it. Most likely though, since helmets are ment to be worn on the head... SHE WAS WEARING IT.
And if the other driver turned right and struck her, they didn't collide, he took her right of way and killed her.

It's bad enough when the police write reports that either imply the cyclist is at fault when they aren't, but wouldn't it be nice if newpaper reporters also didn't play along?

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DCVelobella said...

I posted that story on MABRA and would you believe someone had the nerve to email me and say, "sooooo, this doesn't happen everyday somewhere?"

Of course I wanted to write back something snarky, but alas I settled on Yes it does and that is why I posted it here. I also wanted people read how the article was written and how it negatively reflected cyclists (as you pointed out about the helmet). I fear the point was lost on some.