Friday, May 23, 2008

Work Happens

I normally get off work about 4:30. Most days I have to carry the cell phone "just in case." With a slew of dogs at home, I absolutely need to have my super domestique, Cliff. Last night was a perfect case in point.

This is the end of the quarter and things absolutely, positively have to get done. Top it off with our quarterly results meeting that normally ends at 4:30, and you have some serious rushing. Making it worse, the meeting didn't end at 4:30, it ended at 5. My fast ride leaves at 5:50. To get there, I have to drive 30 miles home, get the stuff together, get on the road and drive another 20 miles. Do the math...

Cliff had my dogs out, the van loaded with my stuff, including shorts, shoes, jersey, helmet etc... It was great to literally jump out of my truck, run to the van, and get dressed as we were zipping down the road. We got to the park just as our group left...

So we rushed to get out and down the road to race to catch group 3. I did my best Michael Jackson imitation with one glove. When we caught up to everyone I had to beg for 40 seconds to go pee. Yes, I really can pee that fast. We girls learn quick that when you have to drop your drawers to go fast.

Special thanks to the guys who broke with the pack so that I could get a hard effort in. Big Mark, you da man. Putting Mark on the front was a "just push play" move. He asked what I wanted, and went up and hammered the group into submission. You gotta love him. Except for a few of the nastier hills on the 2 ride, I think I got my work out in. I hate those hills anyway.

Happy weekend everyone. Be safe.

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