Tuesday, June 3, 2008

No, It's not funny

Ok, by now everyone has heard about the tragedy in Mexico where an American stoned on Cocaine plows into a group of cyclists. As of now, two people are dead, and several others are in critical condition.

What is really gross is the comments that I am hearing from non-cyclists. Wow, Cool, Yeah, baby, toss those faggots! Think I'm kidding, go to your local Craigslist and click on rants and raves. Heck, I even heard some off color stuff here in my office, and everyone knows I'm a cyclist.

So I pulled up photo 2. This one got a little grimmer reaction from folks.

That's a paramedic kneeling in blood. See that nice shoe? Is there a foot attached? Those weren't stunt dummies, those were PEOPLE.

You can say all you want about the asswipe who did this terrible thing. What I find even more disgusting is the cavalier attitude that people have towards cyclists getting killed. These are people. Just like you, just like me. Can you look me in the eye and wish that on me? Really? Do you really think that the act of riding a bike is so horrendous that you would wish that on me?

I sat up last night watching the Green Mile again last night and have a serious case of what Jenn calls "cranky pants." There is a reason why I have a slew of dogs, they are much nicer than most of the people I know. Mean people suck.


Jennifer said...

I absolutely HATE how the people on Craigslists rants and raves always refer to cyclists as faggots, queers, etc. Yeah because wearing lycra makes you gay.

The people that write and joke about these horrible things are pure scum of the earth in my opinion. I bet if this happened to someone in a NASCAR race or maybe a hunting accident...oh, well, then it's tragic foir these folks.

What a bunch of sick f@cks. You're so right karen. Mean people DO suck.

John P. said...

Don't compound this tragedy by dissing Nascar and Hunting folk Jennifer. That's not very nice and just shows your own unwarrented disdain for certain kinds of people, most of which are truly upstanding citizens.

My heart sank when I saw the pic and read the story about this tragedy. To think we share the road with people driving around like that is really something to think about though. Blah.

fabsroman said...

Hey now, I'm a hunter/shooter and a race car fan, so lets not lump all the participants of those hobbies into the group of morons. Do you have any idea how many people think I am a "redneck" just because I hunt, own guns, and am a member of the NRA? They never stop to think of my accounting degree, law degree, CPA license, and license to practice law. About the same amount of people think I am queer because I wear spandex/lycra to ride a bike. There are merely too many morons in the world period, both in cycling, hunting, fishing, any profession you choose, etc. You name it, you will find a moron amongst them. It is like my mother has always said, "The dumb ones will always give you trouble." I honestly think she is right.

These idiots making these comments cannot stop to think about how many other lives have been ruined/impacted by this incident. How many mothers/fathers are crying for their children that have been hurt? How many children are crying for a parent that has been hurt in this incident? How many spouses are crying? What if it were these morons' little kid that got run over by a coked up moron driving a car in their neighborhood?

Don't let the morons get you down!!! I think I just came up with a new phrase for a bumper sticker.

Jennifer said...

You're aboslutely right with what both of you said. I was just so pissed off yesterday and upset, but yeah...that doesn't give me the right to say what I did. So, I apologize.

I still say they're sick f@cks though.

Jennifer said...

And John P...I have nothing against people that watch or race nascar or hunting. I've actually been to these races and enjoy them. If just a bad comment on my part.

John P. said...

I understand Jennifer, I meant no offense to you. Sorry about that.

I got angry on first view of those pics too, then just got sad.

fabsroman said...

Yeah, I'm sad for the families and angry at the SOB driver.

I'll also second John in that I think you just threw hunting and Nascar in there off the top of your head. I just didn't want others to read that and think ALL hunters and ALL Nascar fans are morons. However, if the reader isn't a moron in the first place, I guess they should be able to figure that out on their own. LOL