Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Da boyz whose names end in vowels

Now that the tt is over, I have to pay my debts... See I was offered protection by the Spin Mafia if I brought them the meat. You know, just a case of the good stuff, could like fall off da truck... So now I have to pay up.

Saturday I'm heading out with J and Katie, and bringing my own version of mapquest with me (Cliff) because I don't know Dogpatch all that well. I figure, they throw me in with da fishes I'm gonna have to have someone come back around and fish me out. Either that, or take care of the dogs for me!

Now Julie tried to bargain with the boyz at the tt... she took a look down and asked them if maybe they shouldn't be bringin' the meat? Big talk for such a little slip of a thing, huh? I think this was maybe after she was plying them with the bubbles, I'm not sure.

Maybe we'll have to bring some more bubbles with us. Bubbles, salami, it all goes good together, and if we have suitable inducement for them maybe they'll let us (me) hang around them the whole ride! Some of us are more hill challenged than others, you know!

So guys, I'm comin out. Saturday 8 am. I'm bringin da meat.

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Don Vito said...

Meat is good, champagne ain't bad either. Ciao.